Beyond the Crystal Avatar

Session 1: Evil Smurfs!

The party meets each other and learns of the disappearance of two local noble adolescents— Orlando and Julianna, son and daughter of the local elf and human town leaders (Lady Tamora and Lord Carrick). They are sent to both towns to learn more and accept the quest, including information about the Crystal Cave and a map to it. The youngsters may have run off together in some romantic plot twist, but if they have, their parents are clearly worried for their safety, especially given the recent increase in monstrous activity.

As the PCs are arriving at the human town of Crystalgate, however, they find the town is in chaos, guards are all over the place, injured, some dead. The PCs fight xivorts, blue-skinned evil fey critters who do all manner of nasty fey tricks (like daze and immobilize).

Eventually, after defeating these vicious invaders, the PCs have an audience with Lord Carrick, who gives them further information about his daughter and insight into the quest before them.

The party sets off to the Crystal Cave.

Rewards: 200 XP, 50 gp, and a healing potion.



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